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New Vision  

New Vision team plays a main role in developing government, non government institutions, SMEs and other organizations. Our clients are attracted by the high-quality, outstanding and sustained services we provide for their organization.

For each project, we have a multi-specialized expert consulting team to be designed for that specific project, since our firm is growing caused by the expansion of our consulting team. Hence, we welcome every highly motivated and professional candidate to present his/her talented qualification.

Constantly, we accept and recruit talented professional candidates for junior, senior, part and full time consulting positions. We also welcome students from local and international universities, in their final year of studies such as economics, business administration, international relations and public policy or other related fields to do an internship/training for the purpose of gaining experience and exchanging knowledge, cultures and ideas.

So if you are interested in taking part of becoming a member of our consulting team, then please send us your CV.


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