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New Vision  

New Vision uses different approaches in providing management consulting to organizations such as:

Strategic Plans
We conduct analysis and design strategy according to the client’s vision and mission, design organizational structure that enables the company to fulfill its achievements, by carrying participatory methods and tools such as strategic retreats, training and other means.

System Analysis & Management Information Systems
We analyze the existing system overall and then design an adequate system that fulfills management needs that supports companies strategy according to the international standards. Part of the system is to design standard operating procedure that fits with the entity culture and strategy.

Mid-term, Final and Ex-post Evaluation
We evaluate organizations; projects and companies on two levels, process and outcome, taking into consideration management system and performance measures and indicators to evaluate the process and the results.

Baseline Information Development
We carry out subsequent studies of the same or similar workplaces at different times or under different circumstances to see if there are changes as compared to that "base line." We attempt to determine whether the changes were related to any of the differing circumstances.

Economic & Financial Studies
Conduct studies on macro and micro economics issues, policy papers, trade opportunities, investment, etc.


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