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New Vision  
Marketing is a process of satisfying customer needs through which your business makes its profit. New Vision helps organizations in the marketing process by providing:
Marketing Strategies and plans
If you think for a minute, you find yourself working on an ad hoc basis without a clear vision where you are going, you are doing sales, but is it the optimum what you can sell?
Did you calculate how much sales you have lost because you don’t have time to put a plan and a strategy?
Marketing strategies and plans are our business, in a sense that we know the market, the players and the mentality of your consumers, together with your knowledge and experience; we can design an implemented strategy that can increase yours sales big time with minimal investment.

Market Research
When you design your plans, do you take into consideration the information available in the market to define your targets and your strength?
Do you know that market information will change your whole business?
Do you know that market information will cut your losses and increase your profits?
Don’t think twice, information in the information era is part of your business.
If you want a reliable market research, confidence level, data collection, information analysis and recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Social Marketing
Marketing isn’t inclusive on business transactions only it is the art of knowing the needs and fulfilling it. Marketing is becoming the corner stone in all activities, medical, welfare, politics, environment, gender etc.
If you want to design and implement a program or a project to target your segment, you need experts in understanding this sector and the tools that can be used to achieve your target.
Our experience working with different segments, and out talented professionals makes us the right address to contact.
Market Representation
If you’re planning to penetrate the Palestinian market and position yourself in the market, you need our support to introduce you to the market (Marketing, Legal Framework, Business Culture, Competitors, Business Meetings, etc.).
If you are already in the market, you need to be there all the time to supervise your agents and distributors. Your presence in the market all the time will make your distributors work more efficiently without excuses, and by the end you will increase your distributors’ sales as well as your sales.
That’s why you should consider hiring us as your representative office to be your eye and arm in the market all the time.
Feasibility Studies
All over the world, companies are aware of the benefits of the feasibility studies, and in Palestine this concept is becoming more in demand because of the economic changes in the region. We offer them objective advice, which might sometimes differ from what they want to hear. When it does, we help them to understand why.
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